Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153)
Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153)
The First Cistercian Pope
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Preface Contributors Abbreviations Figures and Maps Introduction Andrew Jotischky 1. ‘Justinian’s Laws, Not the Lord’s’: Eugenius III and the learned laws. Anne J. Duggan 2. Curial Politics and Papal Power: Eugenius III, the Curia and contemporary theological controversy. Christoph Egger 3. The Cistercians, Eugenius III, and the Disputed York Election. Emilia Jamroziak 4. Eugenius III and the Crusades to the East. Jonathan Phillips 5. Eugenius III and the Northern Crusade. Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt 6. The Benefits of Exile. Anne J. Duggan 7. Eugenius III and France: the protected protector. Pascal Montaubin 8. A Golden Rose and the Deaf Asp that Stoppeth her Ears: Eugenius III and Spain. Damian J. Smith 9. Eugenius III and the Roman Commune. ¿ John Doran 10. Eugenius III Reclaims the Patrimony of St Peter Brenda Bolton 11. Eugenius III’s Privileges to Cistercian Houses. Stuart Morgan 12. Eugenius III at C?teaux in 1147. Clare Oglesby 13. Eugenius III and the Church in the Crusader States. Andrew Jotischky Index

Recensies en Artikelen

"This volume provides an important corrective on a pivotal pope, who despite the press of business and the failure of the Second Crusade, made a significant contribution to the extension of papal authority and the centralisation of the Church."
- Kathleen G. Cushing, Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 70 (2019)

"This collection of thirteen essays, prefaced with an introduction by Andrew Jotischky, shines a valuable spotlight on Eugenius’s activities, and reassesses his contributions to some of the major developments and events of the 1140s and 1150s."
- Katharine Sykes, University of Birmingham, Journal of Church and State, Volume 61, Issue 3 (2019)

"The other recipient of thanks (ignoring the contributors and editors) must be Amsterdam University Press. The series in which this book is published - Church, Faith and Culture in the Medieval West - has been peregrinating for the last few years. Fortunately, CFCMW seems now to have reached its own port of salvation with AUP [...] This is another excellent contribution to CFCMW’s series on 12th-/13th-century popes. Collectively, these volumes now stand as a vital resource for the history of the High Medieval papacy."
- Benedict Wiedemann, Reviews in History (2019)

Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt, A. Jotischky (red.)

Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153)

The First Cistercian Pope

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Elected pope in the wake of a rebellion, Eugenius III came to power as a relative unknown during a time of crisis. This book examines the controversial developments in papal justice and theological debate during his pontificate, his treatment of Cistercian monasteries, his relationships with France, Spain, and Rome, his work in the papal states, and the crusades. It offers a new view of an under-appreciated pope and the place of the church in a rapidly changing European society.

Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt

Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt is professor (mso) of medieval history at Aalborg University.

A. Jotischky

Andrew Jotischky is professor of medieval history at Royal Holloway University of London.