Writing the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Writing the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Truth, Dialogue, and Historical Consciousness
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“A treasure trove of inventive, accessible, and deeply thoughtful writing, that ranges from astrophysics to anthropology, from literature to law, and from politics to public health. These are essays very much in the spirit of Montaigne: wise and witty, their open, exploratory, and at times personal approach make them ideal for classroom discussion. They offer us opportunity and space for valuable reflection and learning, and remind us that the liberal arts and sciences must be at the heart of debates about the human condition and the world’s most important and pressing concerns.”
Professor Ian Gadd, Academic Director of the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA)

“The classroom is where important but complex issues are explained in accessible form and language. This book offers its readers a crash course in such essential topics as truth, language, the law, religion, statistics, and history, but you don’t have to stick to a school timetable and there is no exam afterwards. It’s a feast for the mind; enjoy!”
Maarten Prak, Emeritus Professor of History at Utrecht University and first chair of the Board of Studies at University College Utrecht

Writing the Liberal Arts and Sciences

Truth, Dialogue, and Historical Consciousness

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Starting from informal cross-disciplinary conversations between colleagues, this volume is the result of an experiment in understanding the standpoints and methodologies of others in a multidisciplinary setting. At its heart are the core values of a liberal arts education: intellectual curiosity and the ability to communicate across borders. Written with the aim of communicating academic content to non-specialists, the essays interweave narratives about truth with various kinds of dialogue and the importance of historical consciousness. Together they illustrate the power of writing as a tool for strengthening a scholarly community.
€ 22,99
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Mary Bouquet

Mary Bouquet is anthropologist, associate professor, and fellow at Utrecht University College.

Annemieke Meijer

Annemieke Meijer was trained as an eighteenth-century scholar and is currently the director of UCU’s Writing programme.

Cornelus Sanders

Cornelus Sanders is a dermatologist at the University Medical Centre Utrecht and the fellow of Medical Science at University College Utrecht.

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