Nomads and Natives beyond the Danube and the Black Sea
Nomads and Natives beyond the Danube and the Black Sea
700-900 CE
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Introduction Chapter 1. Sources Chapter 2. Habitat Chapter 3. Economy Chapter 4. Spiritual life Chapter 5. Society Conclusions Sources and Bibliography Appendix Index

Sergiu Musteata

Nomads and Natives beyond the Danube and the Black Sea

700-900 CE

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This book re-examines the history of the Carpathian-Danubian region during the eighth and the ninth centuries, to provide a synthetic historical overview of the region to the north of the Lower Danube in this period. Based on a critical and comparative analysis of archaeological, narrative and numismatic sources, the study presents a reconstruction of the socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, and political history of the area at a period during which nomadic peoples from the east including the Bulgars, Avars, and Khazars migrated here. The work is based on a comprehensive analysis of narrative and archaeological sources including sites, artefacts, and goods in the basin bordered by the Tisza river in the west, the Danube in the south, and the Dniestr river in the east, covering swathes of modern-day Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, and Hungary.
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Sergiu Musteata

Sergiu Musteata is an archaeologist from the Republic of Moldova. He holds a Ph.D. in history (1999) and is the author of six books. Since 2012 he has been dean of the History and Geography Faculty of Ion Creanga Pedagogical State University in Chisinau.