Medieval Laments of the Virgin Mary
Medieval Laments of the Virgin Mary
Text, Music, Performance, and Genre Liminality
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Introduction: The Suffering of the Virgin as an Inner Drama

Chapter One: Marian Lament and Medieval Piety

Chapter Two: Genre, Mediality, and Aesthetics

Chapter Three: Modes of Performance

Chapter Four: Bohemian Laments: Feeling Like a Woman, Thinking Like a Man. Or Not?

Appendix: Bohemian Laments—Excerpts



Eliska Kubartová Poláková

Medieval Laments of the Virgin Mary

Text, Music, Performance, and Genre Liminality

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Laments of the Virgin Mary represent a performative genre that offered its clerical and lay audiences of the High and Late Middle Ages a deeply inspiring, yet at the same time ambiguous, devotional experience. Through the representation of a biblical narrative, audiences and performers were reminded of the redemptive power of Christ’s death on the Cross and the decisive role of his sacrifice in the history of salvation. This process of imitatio Mariae was also designed to induce an affective response in audiences and performers, mirroring the unbearable sorrow of the mother’s mourning of her son through their own bodies and paralleling the experience of the Virgin Mary with their own familial experiences. An example of affective devotion to a suffering Christ, Marian laments render central Christian dogmas in a way that is at once highly conventional and deeply emotional in its unique combination of letter, voice, music, and gesture.
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Eliska Kubartová Poláková

Eliska Kubartová (née Poláková) is researcher at the Czech Academy of Sciences and Assistant Professor at the Palack¿ University Olomouc.