A Companion to Medieval Translation
A Companion to Medieval Translation
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Introduction, JEANETTE BEER The European Psalms in Translation, JANE TOSWELL The Old French Bible, CLIVE SNEDDON Bible Translation in England, HENRY ANSGAR KELLY Middle English Religious Translation, IAN JOHNSON Medieval Convent Drama: Translating and Transforming the Liturgy , MATTHEW CHEUNG-SALISBURY, ELISABETH DUTTON, OLIVIA ROBINSON Translating Romance in Medieval Norway: Marie de France and the Strengleikar, ERIN GOERES Christine de Pizan, Translator and Translation Critic, JEANETTE PATTERSON Translation, Authority, and the Valorization of the Vernacular, THOMAS G. HINTON Vernacular Translation in Medieval Italy: volgarizzamento, ALISON CORNISH Dante and Translation, CHRISTOPHER KLEINHENZ Chaucer and Translation, MARILYN CORRIE Alchemy and Translation, EOIN BENTICK Scientific Translation: A Modern Editor’s Perspective, ANTHONY HUNT Modern Theoretical Approaches to Medieval Translation, MICHELLE WARREN Theoretical Observations on Translation from a Paris Maître: Li Fet des Romains, JEANETTE BEER Epilogue Theoretical Observations on Translation from the Oxford Professor of Poetry, SIMON ARMITAGE Additional Bibliography Appendix Index of Proper Names Index of Works

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"There is no question about the value and quality of the content of this book; it will be a useful resource for students and researchers new to the field of medieval translation."
- Janice Pinder, Monash University, Parergon, 38.1 (2021)

Jeanette Beer (red.)

A Companion to Medieval Translation

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Translation played an essential role throughout the Middle Ages, bridging the gap between literate and lay, and enabling intercourse between languages in multi-lingual Europe. Because of its universality and its vitality, and because it unlocked the door to antiquity's cultural heritage, medieval translation was extremely diverse, ranging from the literality and Latinity of legal documents to the free adaptation of courtly romance. This guide to medieval translation covers religious and vernacular texts, treating translation’s multilingual contexts, its didactic and social agenda, and its rhetorical presuppositions. The contributors also address the theoretical and pragmatic problems faced by modern translators of medieval works as they attempt to mediate between past and present.
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Jeanette Beer

Jeanette Beer is a Professor Emerita at Purdue University and a senior member of Lady Margaret Hall and St. Hilda’s College, University of Oxford.