The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage
The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage
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List of Illustrations
1. Before Aljubarrota, Luís Adão da Fonseca and Maria Cristina Pimenta
2. Fighting a Battle in the Middle Ages, João Gouveia Monteiro
3. The Decision to Fight at Aljubarrota, João Gouveia Monteiro
4. The Decisive Battle, João Gouveia Monteiro
5. Casualties and the Aftermath, João Gouveia Monteiro
6. Contemporary Memory and Myth-Making, Maria Cristina Pimenta
7. The Legacy for Later Memories, Maria Cristina Pimenta
8. The Battle of Aljubarrota Interpretation Centres, Fundação Batalha de Aljubarrota

Recensies en Artikelen

"Although written by academics the text is accessible without losing scientific rigour. Both the objectives of the book and the series as stated in the introduction have certainly been achieved. Aljubarrota concurrently has a strong national importance for Portugal while it is of little significance to today’s Spain, which justifies the authors’ approach."
- Carlos Afonso, International Journal of Military History and Historiography, 40 (2020)

The Aljubarrota Battle and Its Contemporary Heritage

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This book presents, for the first time in English, an overview of the decisive Battle of Aljubarrota (1385), the most important military moment in Portuguese history. The authors embody the conflict in the context of Iberian relations during the fourteenth century, and integrate the battle in the macro European conflict of the Hundred Years War and the repercussions for Iberia, particularly Castile and Portugal. They go on to reflect on the political and diplomatic implications of the Anglo-Portuguese alliance, regarded as a turning point in the establishment of national identity and myth. Finally and uniquely, the book concludes with a presentation of how the battlefield site is preserved today and how to convey the medieval site to new generations.
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Luís Adão da Fonseca

Luís Adão da Fonseca is Full Professor and Researcher in the Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society at Oporto University, Portugal.

João Monteiro

João Gouveia Monteiro is Full Professor at the University of Coimbra, Researcher in the Centre for the History of Society and Culture at the University of Coimbra, and Researcher in the Centre for History at the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

Maria Pimenta

Maria Cristina Pimenta is a Researcher in the Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society, University of Oporto, Portugal.