Medieval Bosnia and South-East European Relations
Medieval Bosnia and South-East European Relations
Political, Religious, and Cultural Life at the Adriatic Crossroads
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Introduction, D¸enan Dautovic, Emir O. Filipovic and Neven Isailovic 1. Bosnia and Croatia-Dalmatia in the Late Middle Ages: A Historical Perspective, Neven Isailovic 2. The Role of Neighbouring Countries in the Relationship between the Bosnian Kingdom and the Serbian Despotate, Enes Dedic 3. The Opposition between Bulgaria and the Latin Empire of Constantinople: A Necessary Hostility?, Francesco Dall’Aglio 4. Ottoman Power Holders in the Balkans (1353—1580): A Case of Upward and Downward Elite Mobility, Günes I?iksel 5. Exploiting the Frontier“A Case Study: the Common Endeavour of Matthias Corvinus and Nicholas of Ilok in Late Medieval Bosnia, Davor Salihovic 6. The Papacy and Marriage Practices in Medieval Bosnia, D¸enan Dautovic 7. Ecclesiastical Reformer and Politician: The Two Faces of Bishop Stephen II of Zagreb, Igor Razum Select Bibliography

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"This stimulating volume of seven essays focuses principally on Bosnia and its hinterland in the high and later medieval period. [...] The essays are edited and formatted to a high standard and written in accessible and clear English. The individual subheadings for each contribution and a thorough general index of seven pages mean non-specialists will find the volume easy to navigate. [...] Scholars of various disciplines will find much of interest, given the broad thematic and chronological range of the contributions. In short, the volume fills important gaps in historical research, serves a genuine need for high-quality and accessible Anglophone scholarship on lesser-studied areas of Europe, and sets a fine example for any future endeavors in the field to follow."
- Mark Whelan, King’s College London, Speculum 96/1 (January 2021)

"Cet ouvrage livre au monde académique des études récentes et pertinentes sur une région pour laquelle il existe encore trop peu de travaux dans des langues accessibles au plus grand nombre. En publiant ces articles en anglais, les auteurs de cet ouvrage permettent la divulgation de travaux et présentent un champ d’étude innovant et fertile."
- Ingrid Houssaye Michienzi, Bulletin critique des Annales islamologiques, n°35 (2021)

Medieval Bosnia and South-East European Relations

Political, Religious, and Cultural Life at the Adriatic Crossroads

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The Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic and its vast Balkan hinterland were an integral part of medieval Europe, both in a geographical and historical sense. However, due to issues of language and a scarcity of sources, the whole region has largely remained bout of sight and overlooked by western historiography. This volume features contributions from an exciting new generation of medievalists, who are working to rectify this gap in the narrative. As a small, landlocked country, medieval Bosnia managed to preserve its individuality, characterized by religious plurality and by the persistence of its own ancient customs. But its central position in the region, situated between east and west, and where boundaries between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity were demarcated deep into the Middle Ages, meant it was heavily influenced by both sides of this civilizational divide and politically and culturally shaped by the Venetian Republic, the Hungarian Kingdom, and the Byzantine Empire.
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Dzenan Dautovic

Dzenan Dautovic is a doctoral researcher at the University of Sarajevo specialising in the history and historiography of medieval Bosnia and the Papacy.

Emir Filipovic

Emir O. Filipovic is a Lecturer in medieval Bosnian history at the University of Sarajevo specialising in heraldry, chivalry, and the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans.

Neven Isailovic

Neven Isailovic (Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade) specialises in the political and social history of the medieval Balkans.