More international success for Middelkoop's The Big Reset

China Renmin University Press acquires Chinese publication rights.

Beijing International Book Fair - (BIBF-2014): China Renmin University Press (CRUP) announces to publish the  Chinese translation of Willem Middelkoop's The Big Reset, first published by Amsterdam University Press in 2014.

August 28, 2014

China Renmin University Press (CRUP) and Dutch author Willem Middelkoop signed an agreement today to publish Willem's successful book The Big Reset in China. The book was first published by Amsterdam University Press (AUP) in cooperation with University of Chicago Press. The signing ceremony took place during the Beijing International Book Fair.
The sale was initiated by independent publishing consultant Matthias Wahls (The Hague),  hired by Willem Middelkoop after the recent success of The Big Reset in the Netherlands and North America. Matthias Wahls proudly states: “It is very promising to realise that one of the absolute premium publishers from China, China Renmin University Press (CRUP), whom I know for many years now, has eagerly picked up the offer and quickly agreed to publish a Chinese translation of Willem Middelkoop's book The Big Reset, published by AUP. I firmly believe this book will serve an imminent information need in China, and therefore will be sold multi-thousandfold in the Chinese mainland. I expect some more positive news in the near future since I have met a great deal of interest from a variety of countries like Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, India, and other Asian countries, such as South Korea.”

Willem Middelkoop:
“I am very proud to have signed a contract for a Chinese version of The Big Reset with a leading Chinese University here in Beijing today.  It underlines the new and important role China takes within the power structures (IMF, etc.) working on the design of the next phase for the current financial system. I want to thank AUP and Matthias Wahls, who worked hard to achieve this.”
Amsterdam University Press Managing Director Jan Peter Wissink: 'We are very happy with this new international success for The Big Reset, which has been selling really well. For a quick distribution in the U.S. we used a print-on-demand service in the U.S. Through this new service readers received their personal copy within 48 hours after sales started in January 2014. The book has been a bestseller on Amazon, and after one weekend was among the 600 best selling books worldwide.'

Ms. Grace Cao, Vice Director Professional and Trade Publishing Center at China Renmin University Press:
In contrast to the mainstream viewpoint prevailing in the U.S., Mr. Willem Middelkoop's new book The Big Reset shows an influential European economist and observer's insight on how the world's financial system and order will be transformed in the following decade. It is a shared notion in China's financial and academic sphere that the following ten years mean a significant opportunity for China, whose role and position in the world's currency and financial system will undergo fundamental changes. As to the question of what kind of changes and why the changes will take place, we hope this extremely popular book will enlighten our readers. To summarize, we believe a Chinese edition of Willem's The Big Reset will be of great value, and that is why we specially arranged a press release to promote the Chinese edition long before its publication, which is truly unprecedented in our press.

About the book:
9789089645999_voorplatA system reset is imminent. Probably even before 2020, the world's financial system will need to find a different anchor. The dollar has been at the center of the monetary system since the Second World War, but decades of money printing have caused a gradual but relentless dollar devaluation. In a desperate attempt to maintain this dollar system, the United States has waged a secret war on gold since the 1960s. China and Russia have pierced through the American smokescreen around gold and the dollar and are no longer willing to continue lending to the United States. Both countries have been accumulating enormous amounts of gold, positioning themselves for the next phase of the global financial system. There are only two options: a financial reset planned well in advance, or a hastily implemented one on the back of a dollar crisis. The United States, realizing the dollar will lose its prominent role, seems to be planning a monetary reset that will surprise many. It will be designed to keep the United States in the driving seat, but will include strong roles for the Euro and China's Renminbi. And it is likely gold will be reintroduced as one of the pillars of this next phase of the global financial system. Insiders claim gold could be revalued up to $7,000 per troy ounce during this process.
ISBN 9789089645999 | €19.95 | Paperback | 2014 | Available

'Willem Middelkoop and The Big Reset is right in the thick of the action! Great book; awesome statistical reference to go along with the analysis.' James Rickards, author of The Death of Money and Currency War
About the Author
Willem Middelkoop is a financial economic journalist and founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund.