Book presentation: Christopher Joby, The Multilingualism of Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687) - 22 jan 2015

On January 22, 2015, the Huygensmuseum Hofwijck in Voorburg is hosting a presentation of Christopher Joby's The Multilingualism of Constantijn Huygens (1596-1687), which was recently published in the series Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age. The programme will consist of:

16.00 – 16.10 h                     Introduction by the director of the Hofwijck Museum 
16.10 - 16.20 h                     Christopher Joby about his book
16.20 - 16.25 h                     Presentation of the first copy to Dr. Ad Leerintveld, chairman of the Hofwijck Association
16.25 - 16.35 h                     Ad Leerintveld about Huygens as a polyglot
16.35 - 17.30 h                     Reception