Spirituality and Monasticism, East and West - ARC
Antim Monastery [finished in 1715], Bucharest, Romania.
By Flickr user "fusion-of-horizons"; available under Attribution License, Creative Commons via Flickr.
Series editors

Scott G. Bruce, Fordham University
Anne E. Lester, Johns Hopkins University

Geographical Scope
Eurasia, where religious communities exist
Chronological Scope
500-1500 CE
Editorial Board

Massimo ("Max") Rondolino, Carroll University
Darlene Brooks Hedstrom, Wittenberg University (Ohio)
Mario Poceski, University of Florida

Buddhist temples, Desert Fathers, Eastern Christian communities, Western monasticism, Sufism, ascetic practice, female spirituality

Spirituality and Monasticism, East and West - ARC

Spirituality and Monasticism, East and West explores the everyday life of monastic individuals and the collective experience of religious communities and it focuses on the nature of asceticism and monasticism rather than monastic institutions, patronage, or property. The series is a home for research on both Western and Eastern Christian communities and also welcomes submissions exploring non-Christian traditions during the period 500-1500 CE.

The series is particularly keen to host research into Sufi orders or lodges, the life of Buddhist, Hindu or Daoist monasteries, and the monasteries of the Eastern Christian churches, including the Nestorian church, as well as new research into spiritual and monastic life in the Roman church. It also welcomes research into gendered differences in spirituality during this period as well as different forms of ascetic practice.

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