European Medieval Battlefields - ARC
Battle of Crécy part of manuscript showing genoese crossbowmen. From a 15th-century illuminated manuscript of Jean Froissart's Chronicles.
Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
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Luis Adão da Fonseca, University of Porto

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Medieval Europe
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João Gouveia Monteiro, University of Coimbra
Axel Müller, University of Leeds
Cristina Pimenta, University of Porto

Medieval military history, medieval international politics, medieval battlesites, conflict landscapes, memory studies, military cultural heritage

European Medieval Battlefields - ARC

Supported by CARMEN – the Worldwide Medieval Network, European Medieval Battlefields is an exciting new, curated series. Each of the monographs will present an overview of a key European battle in the medieval era. As well as describing the strategy and outcome of the battle itself, the authors will place the conflict within the wider history of the European continent. They go on to discuss the relevance of the battle and the battlesite in contemporary memory and myth-making, and conclude by examining how this heritage is preserved and conveyed to new generations.

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