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E-data & Research

E-data & Research

E-data & research is a newsletter about data and research in the humanities and social sciences. The editorial board includes researchers from several Dutch institutes and organisations dealing with electronic research data.

E-data & Research

E-data&research appears 3 times a year in print and online.



Open Access

All articles are available on Re-use is allowed with attribution to source (E-data & Research) and author. The editorial board should be informed about any republications.

Open Access information

The Journal Editors are staff members of a number of institutes and organizations in the field of research and data. They can be contacted at the following email address:

Editorial office

The editorial board can be contacted through

Editorial board

Heidi Berkhout (editor-in-chief)
Steven Claeyssens
Evi de Cock
Maarten Heerlien
Mathilde Jansen
Lucas Pasteuning (secretary)
Erica Renckens
Marion Wittenberg


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