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Borders and Mobility in South Asia and Beyond
Borders and Mobility in South Asia and Beyond
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"The richness of the volume resides in the very diverse origin of its authors, from a multi-disciplinary as well as from a geographical point of view, and in the capacity of its editors to have allowed for the intellectually fruitful collaboration of committed and young scholars. The editors and the contributors are due to the appreciations of their colleagues for the well-researched work excellently done. It is a highly commendable work." - Dr Saleh Shahriar, College of Economics and Management, Northwest A&F University, *Migration Letters*, April 2019 "This book is both thought-provoking and a good read. It is policy-relevant as it conceptualises borders, belonging and connection to place as central to the future development of fair and equitable migration policies. Hopefully the collection informs the important debates on migration that so often seem bereft of any nuance." - Diotima Chattoraj, Singapore, Journal of Contemporary Asia*, July 2018 "This exciting volume brings together a new generation of thinkers, scholars, and activists to interrogate borders, bordering, and mobility in South Asia. In doing so, it makes a major intervention in ongoing debates that resonate far beyond the region." - Jason Cons, author of *Sensitive Space: Fragmented Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border* "An extraordinarily timely collection of essays to remind us of the crucial place of South Asia in twenty-first century displacements, and the urgent need to theorize its new border regimes through the ordinary and catastrophic experiences of moving people." - Vazira Zamindar, Associate Professor of History, Brown University

Reece Jones, Md. Azmeary Ferdoush (eds)

Borders and Mobility in South Asia and Beyond

The world is experiencing one of the largest movements of people in history with 65 million people in 2015 alone displaced by conflict, the majority of these coming from Asia. This book offers a deep engagement with individuals whose lives were shaped by encounters with borders: by telling the stories of a poor Bangladeshi women who regularly crosses the India border to visit family, Muslims from India living in Gulf countries for work, and the traumatic journey of a young Afghan man as he sets off on foot towards Germany. The international and interdisciplinary work in this book analyses how mobility and diaspora are engaged in literature and media and how the lives of migrants are transformed during their journey to new homes in South Asia, the Middle East, North America, and Europe, coalescing in a timely portrait of migrancy and undesired mobility.
€ 99,00
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Reece Jones

Reece Jones is a Professor of Geography at the University of Hawai'i and the author of Violent Borders: Refugees and the Right to Move, (Verso, 2016).

Md. Azmeary Ferdoush

Md. Azmeary Ferdoush is a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and Ph.D. student in Geography at the University of Hawai'i.