Amsterdam University Press

Martin Luthe, Sascha Pohlmann (eds)

Unpopular Culture

This volume introduces a new concept that boldly breaks through the traditional dichotomy of high and low culture while offering a fresh approach to both: unpopular culture. From the works of David Foster Wallace and Ernest Hemingway to fanfiction and The Simpsons, from natural disasters to 9/11 and beyond, the essays find the unpopular across media and genres, analysing the politics and aesthetics of a side to culture that has been overlooked by previous theories and methods in cultural studies.
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Martin Luthe

Prof. Dr. Martin Lüthe is an associate professor in North American Cultural Studies at the John-F.Kennedy Institute at Freie University Berlin.

Sascha Pohlmann

Dr. Sascha Pöhlmann is an associate professor in American Literary History at Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, Germany.