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Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland
Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland
Constructing Democracy
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"The strength of this book is that it gives a clear understanding of the main debates and questions concerning a number of points on ethnicity and its construction in the region ... [It is] both intellectually fulfilling and displays a sound theoretical basis." - Mélanie Vandenhelsken,, Summer 2020 "[This book] provides a valuable introduction to ethnic politics in the Himalayan borderland, suitable to students and policy makers alike. As the questions outlined in this review indicate, there are a number of fruitful pathways leading out from the book. Given the thick engagement with the area that Chettri’s work displays, we can only look forward to her future publications." - Rune Bennike, University of Copenhagen, Pacific Affairs, 91.3, October 2018

Mona Chettri

Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland

Constructing Democracy

This book presents a close look at the growth, success, and proliferation of ethnic politics on the peripheries of modern South Asia, built around a case study of the Nepal ethnic group that lives in the borderlands of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and east Nepal. Grounded in historical and ethnographic research, it critically examines the relationship between culture and politics in a geographical space that is home to a diverse range of ethnic identities, showing how new modes of political representation, cultural activism, and everyday politics have emerged from the region.
€ 89,00
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Mona Chettri

Mona Chettri is a Next Generation Network Scholar at the Australia-India Institute, University of Western Australia. She is the author of Constructing Democracy. Ethnicity and Democracy in the Eastern Himalayan Borderland (Amsterdam University Press, 2017). Her current research focuses on infrastructure, urbanisation and gender in the Sikkim-Darjeeling Himalaya.