Mickery Theater
Mickery Theater
An Imperfect Archaeology
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A superbly realised biography of a Theatre. The full life of Mickery emerges through a rich assemblage of people and events. - Edward Scheer, University of New South Wales|The Mickery represented a moment of efflorescence and freedom in the history of theater, a free-floating party where high spirits reflected deep commitments – political and social but also personal, intimate, metaphysical and ecstatic. In our own era of shock and reversal, it is refreshing to revisit an era of idealism charged with imagination and wildness, and exchange based on radical equality. Progressive momentum tinged with pleasure, and debate informed by delight seem a long way off at the moment and to taste these things again reactivates our senses and renews our sense of the imperatives that face us today: we must retake this ground and then move beyond it. - Peter Sellars|The Mickery Theatre 'meant so much to so many'. So will Mike Pearson's book. An invaluable and beautiful meditation [on theatrical transmission as such, and] on a [particular] project that re-imagined the possibilities for theatre at the end of the twentieth century. - Joe Kelleher, Roehampton University, London

Mike Pearson

Mickery Theater

An Imperfect Archaeology

This is the first full-length account of the history and working practices of Amsterdam’s Mickery Theater. Between 1965 and 1991 under its noted director Ritsaert ten Cate, Mickery became renowned worldwide for promoting and presenting significant international alternative theatre companies including La Mama, Tenjo Sajiki and the Wooster Group, and for staging its own innovative productions. Combining archival research, oral history, field observation, and drawing on personal accounts of key participants, the book illuminates the singular importance of Mickery, while evoking the unique atmosphere of both the building and the art that it nurtured.

Mike Pearson

Mike Pearson is professor of performance studies in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies at Aberystwyth University.