Why Study the Middle Ages?
Why Study the Middle Ages?
Accessing the Medieval Past
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Introduction: The Middle Ages and the Liberal Arts

Chapter 1: The Middle Ages and the Humanities

Chapter 2: The Middle Ages and STEM

Chapter 3: The Middle Ages and the Social Sciences

Chapter 4: The Significance of Studying the Middle Ages

Conclusion: The Connections Among the Arts

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Kisha Tracy

Why Study the Middle Ages?

Accessing the Medieval Past

The study of the Middle Ages in every aspect of the modern liberal arts—the humanities, STEM, and the social sciences—has significant importance for society and the individual. There is a common belief that the peoples of the past were somehow exempt from (positive, especially) human nature, had less of a sense of morality (by any definition) than we do now, or were unaware of basic human dilemmas or triumphs. Relegating the Middle Ages to "primitive" distances us from close examination of what has not changed in society—or what has, which might not be for the better. Exploring and exploding these (mis)conceptions is essential to experience the benefits of a liberal education.
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Kisha Tracy

Kisha G. Tracy is Associate Professor of English Studies and Chair of the General Education Program Area at Fitchburg State University, USA.