The Picts Re-Imagined
The Picts Re-Imagined
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Introduction The Romans and the Picts Emergence of the Pictish kings Origin myths, churches and kings Twilight of the Picts Conclusions Further reading

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"The Picts Re-imagined is an exciting and very learned short synthesis that deftly covers the text-historical, art-historical and archaeological elements of the field of Pictish studies to produce a compelling, responsible and very useful overview of the historical group under review. Its engagement with the most current“and in some cases ongoing“work in the field makes the book an important landmark in the development of our understanding of the Picts, notwithstanding the limits imposed by its concise remit. The book is very intelligently and creatively organized, with the result that each topic and theme is discussed in an order that is at once logical and informative. It is an impressive achievement, for which the author deserves a great deal of credit." -- James E. Fraser, University of Guelph

Julianna Grigg

The Picts Re-Imagined

After languishing on the disciplinary peripheries, Pictish studies is now undergoing significant revision and invigoration, with recent archaeological discoveries increasing the stock of evidence and prompting a re-assessment of cultural development. In addition, new methodologies in archaeology, cultural geography and art history are unpacking the processes of social reproduction through Pictish artefacts and the constructed environment. We can now say more about the cultural and political lives of the Picts than ever before. And these new findings are giving a fresh perspective on the wider development of nations and identity, and the geo-political transitions that affected Early Medieval polities across the Latin west and which underlie the modern world. This short book provides an exciting and informed synthesis of our current understanding of Pictish history and their material remains.
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Julianna Grigg

Author of the Philosopher King and the Pictish Nation, Julianna Grigg holds a PhD in History from the University of Melbourne and is currently research assistant on an ARC project on memory and medieval battlefields at Monash University.