IMISCOE Research
Social and Political Sciences
Commissioning Editor:
Inge van der Bijl
The IMISCOE Research Network
Chronological scope:
20th and 21st centuries

The IMISCOE Research series comprises publications which present empirical and theoretical reserach on different aspects of international migration. The authors are all specialists, and the publications a rich source of information for researchers and others involved in international migration studies.

This book explores the Dutch post-colonial migrant experience within the context of a wider European debate. Over 60 years and three generations of migration history is presented, while also surveying...
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Integration of newcomers is a foremost challenge for contemporary Europe. The ‘second generation’ – children born of immigrant parentage – is crucial in this process, for they constitute a...
€ 54,95
This book makes an essential contribution to understanding the dynamics of contemporary immigrant inflows and integration in Europe. Though embracing a Continent-wide outlook on migration processes,...
€ 43,95
Michael Bommes was one of the most brilliant and original migration studies scholars of our time. This posthumous collection brings together a selection of his most important work on immigration,...
€ 38,95
This academic and personal journey into Albania’s post-communist society examines the links between internal and international migration in one of Europe’s poorest countries. The author follows...
€ 52,95
Family-related migration is moving to the centre of political debates on migration, integration and multiculturalism in Europe. It is also more and more leading to lively academic interest in the...
€ 54,95
Diaspora and transnationalism are widely used concepts in academic as well as political discourses. Although originally referring to quite different phenomena, they increasingly overlap today. Such...
€ 47,95
The two most recent EU enlargements in May 2004 and in January 2007 have greatly increased the diversity of historic experiences and contemporary conceptions of statehood, nation-building and...
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Nationality and citizenship have been subjects of stormy policy debates in many EU countries in recent years. Concerns over the integration of immigrants, but also attempts to forge links with...
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