Request a review or inspection copy

Review Copies

We are always happy to hear from those wishing to write reviews of our books for publication.
To request a review copy, please contact our Marketing Department via
Please include the following details in your request: 

  • The book title, authors, and ISBN
  • The reason for your request (e.g. review, author interview, etc.)
  • The name of your newspaper, journal, blog, etc.
  • Your name and position
  • The address to which the review copy should be dispatched 

Please remember to send a PDF copy of any reviews that are published to


Inspection copies

Educators can order an inspection copy of any title.

You will receive the copy along with an invoice. If you assign the book to your students and order at least twenty copies, you may keep the inspection copy free of charge. In this case, please ignore the invoice.

If you should decide not to assign the book, you can send the undamaged inspection copy back or pay the invoice.

For more information or to order an inspection copy you can contact our Ordering Department via
Please include the followin information in your request:

  • The book title, authors, and ISBN
  • Course/Module Name
  • Academic level (e.g. 1st year Bachelor)
  • Name of Institution
  • Start date
  • The number of students
  • The name or names of all instructors teaching the course
  • Address to which the book should be sent


All review and inspection copies are sent out at the discretion of Amsterdam University Press.