Learning from the Shell Experience
The origins of Shell scenarios: stories designed to help break the entrenched belief that companies assume that the future will look like its current situation.
€ 32,99
Institutionele grondslagen, historische ontwikkeling en perspectieven voor de economie van de 21ste eeuw
€ 40,00
Automobiles, Shortages and Consent in the Czechoslovak Road to Mass Production
€ 29,95
Een geschiedenis van particuliere ziektekostenverzekeraars en hun positie in het Nederlandse zorgverzekeringbestel, 1900-2006
€ 49,90
A doctoral thesis about the development of the personnel function in labour organisations.
€ 39,95
Negotiating the Danube-Oder-Elbe Canal in a Troubled Twentieth Century
€ 43,95
Do neighbourhood characteristics influence the success of local firms and the strategic options of their entrepreneurs?
€ 38,95
An exploration of the role of the urban environment in book publishing
€ 38,95
Interwar Projects for Radio Broadcasting
€ 43,95
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