Media and Communication
Narrating the City in 1920s and 1930s Cinema
This book offers a close look at how directors such as Erich von Stroheim, Ernst Lubitsch, and Max Ophüls made use of the city of Vienna, and how the nostalgic glorification of the Habsburg era can...
€ 89,00
National Identity, Anti-Semitism and Popular Cinema
This book tells the troubled story of a period in Hungarian cinematic history during which audiences, filmmakers, critics, and officials grappled with questions surrounding Hungarian national identity...
€ 99,00
Film Theory and the Question of Life
This book draws new connections between twentieth-century German and French film theory and practice and vitalist conceptions of life from biology and philosophy.
€ 34,95
The Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000)
Exploring the history of several important collections from the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam, Bregt Lameris shows how archival films and collections always carry historical traces.
€ 89,00
Knowledge and Poetics from Mesopotamia to BuzzFeed
This volume makes a major contribution to debates about New Materialism and the post-human turn.
€ 79,00
Critique of Art
Thijs Lijster considers the thought of Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno on such key topics as the relationship between art and historical experience, between avant-garde art and mass culture, and...
€ 99,00
Alle bioscoopfilms van 2016
€ 27,50
Ute Holl moves from anthropological and experimental cinema through nineteenth-century psychological laboratories, which she shows developed techniques for testing, measuring, and classifying the mind...
€ 99,00
Fan Enterprise in an Alternative Economy
The book creates an innovative theoretical framework to introduce the concept of an 'alternative economy' as a way to understand fan productions.
€ 89,00
Film and Art
In this book, Ivo Blom offers unique insights into the visual vocabulary of Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti (1906-76).
€ 119,00
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