Media and Communication
National Identity, Anti-Semitism and Popular Cinema
This book tells the troubled story of a period in Hungarian cinematic history during which audiences, filmmakers, critics, and officials grappled with questions surrounding Hungarian national identity...
€ 99,00
Film Theory and the Question of Life
This book draws new connections between twentieth-century German and French film theory and practice and vitalist conceptions of life from biology and philosophy.
€ 34,95
Knowledge and Poetics from Mesopotamia to BuzzFeed
This volume makes a major contribution to debates about New Materialism and the post-human turn.
€ 79,00
The Case of the Nederlands Filmmuseum (1946-2000)
Exploring the history of several important collections from the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam, Bregt Lameris shows how archival films and collections always carry historical traces.
€ 89,00
Critique of Art
Thijs Lijster considers the thought of Walter Benjamin and Theodor Adorno on such key topics as the relationship between art and historical experience, between avant-garde art and mass culture, and...
€ 99,00
Fan Enterprise in an Alternative Economy
The book creates an innovative theoretical framework to introduce the concept of an 'alternative economy' as a way to understand fan productions.
€ 89,00
Film and Art
In this book, Ivo Blom offers unique insights into the visual vocabulary of Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti (1906-76).
€ 99,00
The Little Magic Machine
Am exploration of Italian culture in transition during the advent of cinema, as this 'scandalous' new technology appeared poised to thoroughly change everyday life.
€ 59,95
Histories of Fame and Fate
This book offers one of the most comprehensive accounts yet of the place of women in silent film in Europe.
€ 119,00
Reification and Spectacle
This book explores the tradition, impact, and contemporary relevance of two key ideas from Western Marxism: Georg Lukács's concept of reification and Guy Debord's concept of the spectacle.
€ 88,99
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