Media and Communication
Knowledge and Poetics from Mesopotamia to Buzzfeed
€ 79,00
Mind You
In this volume, experts working in the sciences, arts, and philosophy of technology share novel perspectives on how we can best identify and navigate the new ethical crossroads emerging in our...
€ 34,95
Ute Holl moves from anthropological and experimental cinema through nineteenth-century psychological laboratories, which she shows developed techniques for testing, measuring, and classifying the mind...
€ 99,00
This book considers the role of the open data movement in fostering transformation toward a 'knowledge society'.
€ 29,95
The Little Magic Machine
Am exploration of Italian culture in transition during the advent of cinema, as this 'scandalous' new technology appeared poised to thoroughly change everyday life.
€ 59,95
Histories of Fame and Fate
This book offers one of the most comprehensive accounts yet of the place of women in silent film in Europe.
€ 119,00
Studying Culture through Data
This book critically reflects on the role and usefulness of big data, challenging overly optimistic expectations about what such information can reveal.
€ 79,00
Embodying the Fabula
This book considers films that have experimented with new, increasingly complicated narrative approaches, including Stage Fright and Hiroshima, Mon Amour, to show how they reveal the limitations of...
€ 89,00
Reification and Spectacle
This book explores the tradition, impact, and contemporary relevance of two key ideas from Western Marxism: Georg Lukács's concept of reification and Guy Debord's concept of the spectacle.
€ 89,00
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