European History
Prins van Oranje, heer van Diest
€ 22,99
Education, Sociability, and Governance
This multinational collection of essays challenges the traditional image of a monolingual Ancient Regime in Enlightenment Europe, both East and West.
€ 85,00
Places, Imageries and the Digital Age
This interdisciplinary book analyses the ways that heritage is branded and commodified, how stakeholders organise place brands, and how digital strategies shape how visitors appreciate heritage sites.
€ 85,00
Writings, Life, and Influences of a Visionary Author
This book offers the most important contributions from the past fifteen years of international research into Etty Hillesum's work and life, studying her ethical, philosophical, spiritual, and literary...
€ 129,00
Religious Women and Art in 15th-century Rome
This book draws on art history, anthropology, and gender studies to explore the disciplinary and didactic role of the images, as well as their relationship to important papal projects at the Vatican.
€ 95,00
The First Cistercian Pope
This books offers a new view of Eugenius III, an under-appreciated pope who came to power as a relative unknown during a time of crisis, and the place of the church in a rapidly changing European...
€ 129,00
This monumental encyclopedia documents the presence and effects of cultural consciousness-raising in the early decades of European nationalism.
€ 269,00
Plassen in de kunst
€ 29,99
Religie in de oudheid
€ 14,99
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