European History
This book argues that premodern societies were characterised by the quest for Ÿvirtue.Œ
€ 105,00
This study uncovers the active role played by women in the evolution of religious art and architecture. Their preferred art, Barbara J. Harris shows, reveals their responses to the religious...
€ 85,00
A Philosophy of History
This book offers new perspectives on key issues in contemporary historical theory, discussing both how man is portrayed by historians and how man conceives of himself as a historical being, and thus...
€ 85,00
Biblia depicta as Devotional, Mnemonic and Study Tool
The essays in this monograph appraoch The Velislav Bible, one of the most beautiful medieval Bohemian manuscripts, in an interdisciplinary manner to show that it was used as a didactic tool in...
€ 129,00
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Austmarr as a Northern mare nostrum, ca. 500-1500 CE
This anthology provides an in-depth introduction to the networks shaped by the Baltic Sea, the languages, folklore, religions, literature, technology, and identities of the Germanic, Finnic, Sámi,...
€ 85,00
An Archaeological Perspective
The first work to address the end of Roman Hispania and the emergence of Medieval Spain from a principally archaeological perspective
€ 119,00
Historical Reflections on the Process of Community Formation
This book examines actual processes of experiencing the imagined community, exploring its emotive force in a number of case studies.
€ 95,00
The Guardian of Orthodoxy
€ 95,00
A Companion for Historians
This companion offers young historians clear guidelines for the different phases of historical research.
€ 16,95
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