European History
The Family and the Fall of the Roman West
Through a look at the family, this book discusses the intersections between Roman and Christian legal culture, thought, and political power after the collapse of the Roman Empire.
€ 79,00
From Romans to Goths and Franks
As this book demonstrates, early medieval 'Romanness' encompassed a sense of belonging to an ethnic group, which allowed Romans in Iberia and Gaul to adopt Gothic or Frankish identities in a more...
€ 79,00
Repetition and Invention
Angela Ho shows how Dutch painters in the mid- to late 17th century used repetition to project a distinctive artistic personality.
€ 99,00
Riitta Laitinen offers a novel account of civil and social order in the seventeenth-century town of Turku, Sweden.
€ 89,00
Sexual Ideas, Attitudes and Practices in Europe
This collection brings together a group of leading scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore the history of sexual desires and the transformation of sexual ideas, attitudes, and practices in...
€ 89,00
Exotische fauna in historisch Amsterdam
€ 24,99
Between Empires and Identities in Lombard Italy
This study presents fresh interpretations of the works of Paul the Deacon (c. 720-799), which are vital to understanding the history of Italy and Western Europe in the Middle Ages.
€ 99,00
Part 2
This newest volume in a long-running work of mapping the sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture in England from 500 to 1100 CE takes up one of the most important authors of the period, the...
€ 89,00
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€ 9,95
Collective Memories and Future Visions
This book offers a critical analysis of modelscapes, using case studies from Israel, to show how miniature representations of contested physical space participate in the construction of a sense of...
€ 89,00
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