Late middle ages and early modern times
Tussen werkelijkheid en fictie
€ 12,99
De gouden jaren van Antwerpen (1485-1585)
€ 24,99
Daniel Anlezark engages with current scholarly discussions to provide a reassessment of Alfred the Great, both on the king as a man in history, and the king as a subsequent legendary construct.
€ 14,99
The King's Body Never Dies
This book offers thirteen case studies from premodern and contemporary Europe that demonstrate the process through which political corporations-bodies politic-were and continue to be constructed and...
€ 105,00
The first comprehensive volume of articles on plague and other diseases that afflicted humans and animals in the Ottoman Empire“from the Black Death to the fall of the empire.
€ 105,00
An innovative and comparative approach to the study of interconnected legal cultures in the global medieval world.
€ 95,00
Hierocratical Conceptions and Danish Hegemony in the Thirteenth Century
Using the Gesta Danorum of Saxo Grammaticus as its main primary source, this works analyzes the transitions of the twelfth to thirteenth centuries in Denmark, particularly in the context of the...
€ 85,00
This is a somewhat polemical, and very passionate, consideration of the house that scholasticism built, and those who were excluded from it.
€ 14,95
A Manifesto
Richard Utz’s manifesto calls on the academy to reconnect with the general public in order to build a sustainable future for medievalism.
€ 14,95
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