History of art and architecture
Occultism and Western Esotericism in the Work and Movement of André Breton
Surrealism and the Occult offers a fresh view of the debate whether Surrealism was involved with occultism and the esoteric or not, with special examination of the movement's leadership by its...
€ 129,00
New insights into the world routes travelled by seventeenth-century Dutch visual culture, as well as the rise of Asian influence in the imagery of the Dutch Golden Age.
€ 105,00
Anthropological Perspectives
This essential work views the place of religious architecture, including mosques, churches, temples and synagogues, in modern society.
€ 32,95
From a Multi- to an Interdisciplinary Approach
€ 69,95
Adapting Theatre, Mutating Media and Contemporary Performing Arts
€ 43,95
Lambert ten Kate over de tekeningen in zijn verzameling
€ 36,99
A Material History of Mondrian's Masterpiece
€ 29,50
Geschiedenis van Mondriaans meesterwerk
€ 24,95
Mural Paintings in Greek and Roman Sanctuaries
€ 94,99
Mural Paintings in Greek and Roman Sanctuaries
€ 95,00
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