Asian Studies
From a Colonial to a Post-Marxist City
The richly illustrated bookk carefully situates architecture, design, and urban planning within Kolkata's political economy and social milieu.
€ 89,00
Accounts of the 1965 Genocide in Indonesia
This book presents the stories of individuals, who were - and still are - affected by violence and stigmatisation in the name of suppressing communism in Indonesia during the late 1960s.
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This book presents an unforgettable up-close account of the effects of World War II and the subsequent American occupation on Oita prefecture.
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An Annotated Translation
Indologist Gerrit Jan Held wrote this book in 1955 but died before it could be published; this volume represents its first translation into English, and includes extensive footnotes that set it in...
€ 89,00
A Fading Legacy of Shikarpoor, Historic City
This book tells the story of Shikarpoor and presents as complete a picture of its threatened historical fabric as possible, through copious maps and images past and present.
€ 99,00
Defining Experiences
Dirgantoro presents the first comprehensive study of feminisms and contemporary art in Indonesia.
€ 89,00
Offshore Islands, Enclave Spaces, and Mobile Imaginaries
This books investigates 'tourist utopias' as cultural laboratories for testing new protocols for neoliberal governance and capitalist production.
€ 89,00
Between the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution
Both a fascinating account by an informed outsider and a reminder of just how much China and the rest of the world have changed over the last fifty years, this is essential reading for anyone...
€ 19,95
Museums, Missions, Modernities
The essays in this volume explore crucial intellectual and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe in the first half of the twentieth century.
€ 89,00
An Interdisciplinary Study
This book applies theoretical insights from the work of philosophers such as Carl Schmitt, Giorgio Agamben, and Michel Foucault to the Sri Lankan context to examine the conflicting narratives relating...
€ 89,00
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