Race, Refuge and Retail
€ 52,95
Ethnographies of Human Mobilities in Asia
€ 52,95
Inheemse dokters en vroedvrouwen in Nederlands Oost-Indië 1850-1915
€ 52,95
Temporary Migration Experiences of Bangladeshi Women in the Malaysian Export Industry from a Multi-Sited Perspective
This study explores the short term migration of Bangladeshi women to Malaysia to work inlabour intensive, export oriented factories, and considers the consequences of their decisionto migrate.
€ 39,95
Everyday Lives of Poor Mainland Chinese Migrants in Hong Kong
Using ethnographic and participatory methods, this timely volume calls for an exploration of ‘unseen’ social capital
€ 38,95
A Comparative Study of Juvenile Justice Procedures in Europe
€ 44,95
Items 11 until 19 from 1912