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€ 9,99
An introduction
History and Philosophy of the Humanities: An Introduction presents a reasoned overview of the conceptual and historical backgrounds of the humanities.
€ 34,95
This book brings together contributions from leading figures in legal studies on analogy and related forms of reasoning in the law. Analogical reasoning-which relies on the concept of two different...
€ 85,00
Gevangen in ruimte en tijd
€ 39,99
4 en 5 mei sinds 1945
€ 19,99
This book explores nanotechnology, a rapidly evolving and growing field with applications in a large number of areas.
€ 95,00
Dialogues on our Changing Understanding of Reality
The scholars in this book, from the fields of physics, psychology, and social sciences, discuss the direction and urgency of the changes in our current understanding of reality.
€ 14,99
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