Stories in Gilded Frames
Lyckle de Vries
Dutch Seventeenth-century Paintings with Biblical and Mythological Subjects
Stories in Gilded Frames
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Lyckle de Vries
Stories in Gilded Frames
Dutch painters in the seventeenth century frequently turned their brushes on subjects from the Bible or mythology. Such subjects, bringing with them whole stories with which patrons and art lovers were intimately familiar, were perfect for the dramatic designs and vibrant play of colour and shadow that were these painters' stock in trade.
This book presents the work of forty-one Dutch artists, who handled Biblical and mythological stories in the period, including Rembrandt. Arranged chronologically, and copiously illustrated with full-colour images of the paintings in question, the book shows how each of these paintings works with-or sometimes against-the conventions of the story it is telling, making use of the viewer's knowledge of the subject and themes and finding ways to bring the familiar arrestingly to life. Lyckle de Vries sets each artist's work in context of his career and influences-including influences from Flemish and Italian painters-and helps readers understand what the goals and intentions of each artist were.
A beautifully produced volume, Stories in Gilded Frames offers a new way of looking at one of the most enduringly popular periods in art history.