Samuel Pallache
Gerard Wiegers, Mercedes Garcia-Arenal
Koopman, kaper en diplomaat tussen Marrakesh en Amsterdam
Samuel Pallache
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Gerard Wiegers, Mercedes Garcia-Arenal
Samuel Pallache
Three religions, two continents, five countries: a brief profile of the eventful life of Samuel Pallache.

Born around 1550 in Fez in a Moroccan-Jewish family of Spanish origin, Pallache became envoy of the King of Morocco in the Republic of the Seven United Provinces, and also a merchant and pirate. By order of the Spanish ambassador, he was imprisoned in London and later released under orders of governor Prince Maurice. As a former servant of the king of Spain, he became involved in a complex double play.

As a 'Barbary ' Jew, Pallache played a significant role in the early synagogue life in Amsterdam , yet he and members of his immediate family also considered a conversion to Catholicism. Samuel Pallache died in 1616 and is buried in Beth Haim, the Portuguese-Jewish cemetery in Weesp. To reconstruct the story of Pallache the authors carried out extensive research in archives and libraries in Morocco, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. Their study is praised in the European and American press as a successful micro- history of the Jews in Europe and the complex loyalties and identities which they constructed between and within different worlds.