Woordenboek Latijn / Nederlands
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Woordenboek Latijn / Nederlands
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Woordenboek Latijn / Nederlands
This completely revised fifth edition of the Latin/Dutch Dictionary is aimed at a non-professional readership. It features entries with irregular forms with redirections for the reader, a grammar appendix, a detailed list of abbreviations found in entries, a broad vocabulary based on classical texts as well as medical, legal and ecclesiastical documents, and suggestions for translation based on the different contexts in which the word can be found. The Latin/Dutch Dictionary also contains a CD-ROM which offers a fully searchable digital version of the content.There is also an online version www.latijnnederlands.nl.

This revised edition contains:

- An extension of vocabulary and perfection of typography
- Some thousand lemmas have been reconstructed
- The irregular lemmas that redirect the reader are extended
- Improved structure of lemmas in the digital version
- Extension of the grammar and other appendixes
- A timetable that shows the most important historical and cultural events in Roman history.
- Maps of the Imperium Romanum and of Italia Antiqua
- Two user friendly reading ribbons