The Conscience of Cinema by Thomas Waugh and Women in the Silent Cinema by Annette Förster have been awarded as 'outstanding works for their excellence in presentation and scholarship, the significance of their contribution to the field, their...
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€ 105,00
The landscape biography of the Carlsberg site contributes to a refined understanding that can take many aspects of an industrial site into account in future redevelopment processes.
€ 85,00
This book is the first to offer a detailed exploration of the role of music in US presidential campaign advertising.
€ 42,95
This volume brings together a wide range of research on the ways in which technological innovations have established new and changing conditions for the experience, study and theorization of film.
€ 24,99
This book is the first international publication to address all the historical aspects of the Hollandsche Schouwburg, putting it in a broader European and historical context.
€ 105,00
In this accessible, unique study of a forgotten but noteworthy figure, the author tells the story of the life of Kurt Baschwitz (1886–1968), a scholar who fled from the Nazis.
€ 95,00
Hyun Gwi Park reveals timely new insights into the historical and current experiences of Koreans living along the Eurasian frontier.
€ 105,00
An exploration of fatwa in Indonesia during the period following the fall of President Suharto.
€ 95,00
This is the first book-length study of Morrison's work, covering the whole of his career.
€ 85,00
This book draws on the fields of media archaeology, performance studies, and sound studies to explore the various modes of communication that can be uncovered from the long American folk revival.
€ 95,00
By examining medieval female saints' lives in dialogue with modern film theories, a trans-historical spectrum of visual experience is revealed: medieval saint and modern moviegoer are connected in the visual act.

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