€ 34,95
Presents and discusses a treasure trove of early color film images from the archives of EYE Film Institute Netherlands, bringing to life their rich hues and forgotten splendor.
€ 19,95
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is more beautiful than it has ever been. The original interior has been recovered so that architecture and décor once again form a coherent whole.
€ 39,95
Eighteen scholars examine the increasing role of digital media technologies in identity construction through play
€ 99,00
In this stunningly illustrated study, Aono reconsiders the long-dismissed genre painting from 1680-1750. Grounded in close analysis of a range of paintings and primary sources, this study illuminates the main features of genre painting.
€ 29,50
Naturalistic inquiry is about studying people in everyday circumstances by ordinary means. It strives to blend in, to respect people in their daily lives, to take their actions and experiences seriously, and to build on these carefully.
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