€ 119,00
Leading specialists in the field offer a multidimensional perspective on the social dynamics that led to the creation of the Roman villa complex of Hoogeloon.
€ 34,95
Mattias Frey demonstrates that since its origins, film criticism has always found itself in crisis.
€ 49,95
Traces a new path through the cinematic legacy of the 1970s by drawing together these intertwined histories of urban and cultural change.
€ 79,00
Discussing protestors and players as they interact within the arenas of specific social contexts.
€ 29,50
‘One of the best methodological treatments in contemporary social science literature. It is the type of book that students will remember as the text that moved them to serious study. I am a flat out admirer of this book.’ - Professor Michael...
€ 79,00
The collection of essays brings together texts from two decades, documenting two of the author's ongoing areas of interest: the poetics of colour in film as well as affective viewer responses.
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