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Working against current thinking, Ilona Hongisto argues that the documentary does more than merely represent what is - by capturing actual people, places, and events - but also expresses realities to come.
€ 17,95
Rob de Wijk explains why power politics never truly went away-and why, as the West's position weakens, it's likely to play a bigger and bigger role on the global stage in the coming years.
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This timely collection featuring both empirical and theoretical essays brings together the latest reflections on piracy and its economic, political, cultural and theoretical consequences
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This volume examines, among others, the emotional language of the court, around public execution, religious practices and during outbreaks of disease.
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This book shows how the Dutch East India Company mobilised land and labour, why they turned to force cultivation, and what effects the brutal system they installed had on the economy and society.
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A ground-breaking analysis of the ways that youth culture online interacts with issues of diaspora, gender, and belonging.
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