€ 39,95
This collection brings together an exciting group of established and emerging scholars to consider the history of feminist film theory and new developments in the field and in film culture itself.
€ 99,00
Landscape Biographies explores the long, complex histories of landscapes from personal and social perspectives.
€ 99,00
The cultural history of same-sex sexual matters in later medieval England.
€ 29,95
This spirited exploration of the interfaces between art and theory in the 21st century brings together a multidisciplinary range of viewpoints on their future.
€ 89,00
This incisive volume brings together postcolonial studies, visual culture and cultural memory studies to explain how the Netherlands continues to rediscover its history of violence in colonial Indonesia. Dutch commentators have frequently claimed...
€ 29,50
Naturalistic inquiry is about studying people in everyday circumstances by ordinary means. It strives to blend in, to respect people in their daily lives, to take their actions and experiences seriously, and to build on these carefully.
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